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About Bitfinex And Bitfinex US Customers Service Changes 

Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex is owned and run by iFinex Inc., a company that is based in the British Virgin Islands and is based in the British Virgin Islands. Several events have led to the theft or loss of their customers’ money, and they haven’t been able to get normal banking connections. 

This article explains all you need to know About Bitfinex US Customers Service Changes.

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About Bitfinex US Customers Service Changes

Bitfinex is making changes to the services it gives to people in the United States. For people in the United States, these changes have an effect on how they can be authenticated and how they can trade certain digital tokens. Some changes have been effective since the change started.

Requests for Individual Verification in the United States have been put on hold. 

Bitfinex Us can no longer accept verification requests from anyone in the United States, starting from when the change started. 

People in the United States have been requesting verification for a long time, and there are still problems with U.S. people not being able to deposit and withdraw money in U.S. dollars. They think it’s time to stop selling to people in the United States. 

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This decision was made because of a lot of different things, like: 

* People in the United States still can’t find banking options that are legal. Some businesses and people in other countries have been able to normalize banking. They’ve been gradually and selectively inviting people in certain countries who meet certain requirements to start using new banking channels. This process is still going on. It’s shocking that only a small amount of the money comes from verified U.S. individual accounts, but a large amount of our resources are spent on supporting, legal, and regulatory needs for U.S. individuals. 

There will be a lot more regulation in the future, and Bitfinex Us think it will be a lot more difficult. Bitfinex is a cryptocurrency exchange that is not based in the United States, but it does business there. Exchanges that are set up in the United States are better able to serve retail customers in the United States. 

U.S. customers who have been trading with Bitfinex for a long time are important to them, but Bitfinex needs to make smart resource allocation decisions for the benefit of their whole client base and their stockholders. 

As a result, they will be stopping service to their current US clients over the next 90 days. Bitfinex will talk to people who are affected by this more about when and how. One of Bitfinex goals is to make things as easy as possible for their American customers. 

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They’ll keep listening to people’s ideas and making changes as needed. 

Trading Limits for People in the United States in Some Digital Tokens 

In the future, people from the United States won’t be able to trade ERC20 tokens made through “ICOs” on Bitfinex. On August 16, 2017, at 12 p.m. UTC, the ban will start. Until then, no one in the United States can buy or sell these tokens. In this statement, Bitfinex don’t say that any ERC20 tokens are securities under US law or that they are subject to US regulation. 

Because of this policy change, Bitfinex apologies for any inconvenience it may cause.

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