Hodlnaut Review

Hodlnaut Review 

Hodlnaut’s declared goal is to assist individual investors in making the most of their cryptocurrency investments. To make reliable crypto investing possible, the company partners with companies like Fireblocks, Jumio, Nexus Mutual, and Okcoin. 

If you want to learn more about Hodlnaut, read our full Hodlnaut Review.

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Best For: 

•Anyone wishing to put money aside for the future

•Crypto owners who don’t want to be active investors 

•Investors trying to diversify their portfolios 


•Competitive savings account interest rates Simple navigation and a robust mobile app

•From the novice cryptocurrency owner to the seasoned trader, there’s something here for everyone. 


•Not guaranteed by the FDIC or SIPC 

•Customer assistance isn’t available by phone 

Hodlnaut is a platform for storing and saving money. You put your coins in the bank, get interest, and see your money increase. A crypto interest account functions similarly to the savings account you may currently have at your local bank. 

It’s one of the most basic platforms available. You: 

•Earn compound interest on your Bitcoin or altcoin deposits. 

Withdraw at any time or receive weekly rewards. 

That’s all there is to it. If you wish to execute a token swap, you can use the platform to register and fulfill your order fast if you: 

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* Select token. 

* Double-check the quotation. 

* Make a purchase. 

When you choose the Fixed-Term Deposit, you can earn higher interest rates by: 

•committing to lock your crypto with Hodlnaut for 28 to 180 days. 

When you deposit more than 25 BTC or equivalent and lock in your cryptocurrencies for one month or more, Hodlnaut also offers an alternative to earn even better rates. Send a message to rm@hodlnaut.com to get started. 

Deposits with a set term 

A new product from Hodlnaut allows crypto hodlers to benefit from industry-leading rates. You can set your deposit duration (28 to 180 days), receive your earned interest at maturity, and repeat the process as many times as you choose. 

Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, Tether, Wrapped Bitcoin, and DAI are among the supported assets. You decide on the main amount and the length of the lock-in term. Keep in mind that the longer you lock in your interest rate, the higher it will be. 

Simply deposit your tokens, set up a fixed-term deposit, and wait for your earnings to mature. 

Customer Service at Hodlnaut 

Hodlnaut offers live chat and an online form for customer service Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (GMT +8). You can also reach out to the customer service staff by email at support@hodlnaut.com. 

While having a phone number to contact when Hodlnaut has your coins would be good, it performs an excellent job of dealing with and engaging with clients. 

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You can also contact me on Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Discord, and Facebook. 

Pricing for Hodlnaut 

The Hodlnaut platform is known for its transparency and simplicity. To see the charts for yourself, go to Hodlnaut. 

The following are some of the highlights: * No deposit costs * No fees for token swaps * Very low withdrawal fees with no minimum withdrawal 

You can be confident that your overhead costs are kept as low as possible because the platform only makes a small amount of money in fees when you withdraw currency. 

However, keep in mind that interest rates are variable and compounded based on the number of coins you deposit. For example, the first 1 or 2 BTC earn 7.20 percent APR and 7.46 percent APY, while the following 8 BTC earn 4.00 percent APR and 4.08 percent APY, while the next 90 BTC earn 2.00 percent APR and 2.02 percent APY. 

Check out Hodlnaut rates if you want to see rate charts for each supported currency. 

Hodlnaut is a mobile app developed by Hodlnaut. 

Hodlnaut offers a lovely mobile app that works on both iOS and Android devices. It’s easy to read, offers you fast access to your crypto savings account, and even lets you to contact the customer service staff, thanks to the dark blue background and an ocean of varied shades. 

You may use the app to send and receive coins, check your interest statements, and watch the movement of each currency you hold in real time. It’s even compatible with iPads. 

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You can keep your coins (thus the name HODL-naut), but you also want to make more than the coin provides. It can take a long time for a coin to provide you a decent return on your investment. 

Earn Interest on Crypto Hodlnaut allows you to earn interest on your cryptocurrency portfolio by simply stacking more money into it. 

Invest in Cryptocurrencies with Ease 

Furthermore, both the website and the app are simple to use. When you register, you won’t be confused, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that this is a legal, authorized, and well-managed firm. 

Accounts that are safe 

To keep accounts secure, Hodlnaut employs two-factor authentication and CAPTCHA. 

Cryptocurrency News 

You may sign up for Hodlnaut’s updates to learn more about buying and holding cryptocurrency. 

Summary Of Hodlnaut Review

you may learn everything there is to know about cryptocurrency and how owning it can help you invest in the future. 

Crypto Guides and Tips 

For individuals who want to invest more, Hodlnaut also provides tips and guides. Crypto Tips teaches you how the finest investors on the market use their tactics. Every time you peruse Hodlnaut Review on this page, you’ll learn something new.

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