How Beeple NFT Was Sold For Sixty Nine Million Dollars

 How Beeple NFT Was Sold For Sixty Nine Million Dollars

He had never sold a print for more than $100 before October. The digital artist known as Beeple now sells prints for much more than $100. This article explains How Beeple NFT Was Sold For Sixty Nine Million Dollars.

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Today, Christie’s sold an NFT of his work for $69 million. The auction house says that the sale puts him “among the top three most valuable living artists.”

The record-breaking sale of NFT comes after a lot of auctions that were getting more and more valuable. It was in October that Winkelmann sold his first set of NFTs. Each sold for $66,666.66. In December, he sold a lot of art for $3.5 million. It also sold for $66,666.66 last month. 

In the digital art world, “NFT,” or “non-fungible tokens,” are files that don’t get mixed up. They live on a blockchain and can show who owns a piece of digital art. Buyers usually get limited rights to show off the digital art they represent, but in many ways, they’re just paying for bragging rights and the chance to own something they might be able to sell later. During the last few weeks, a lot of new technology has been coming out. Winkelmann has been at the forefront of this new technology. 

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What Noah Davis, a Christie’s specialist in post-war and contemporary art says: “He showed us this collage, and that was my eureka moment. I knew this was going to be a very big deal. 

Few things explain why Beeple’s work is so important. For one thing, he has a lot of followers on social media. He has about 2.5 million followers on all of them. And he’s famous for being very busy: as part of a project called “Everydays,” Winkelmann creates and posts a new digital art piece every day. There have been 14 years of the project. 

Many people think that NFTs will be the way digital art is bought and sold in the future, at least for a while. As long as people believe that, the rising prices aren’t worth much compared to what NFTs will be worth in the long run. 

Christie’s is also a force that makes Winkelmann’s art and NFTs look good. Auction house: The 255-year-old auction house has sold some of the most famous paintings in history, including the only known portrait of Shakespeare made while he was alive and the last painting by Leonardo da Vinci that was ever found. 

When you add that to the fact that Winkelmann is already at the top of the NFT sales game, today’s auction was bound to break records. 

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Art history is about to start a new phase, Winkelmann said. A new way to keep track of digital art has been found. 

The piece that sold is called Everydays: The First 5000 Days. It’s a collage of Winkelmann’s work from the start of the project, when he was posting rough sketches on the project’s blog. There have been a lot of changes in digital shapes and scenery over the years. At the beginning of this year, he was posting very crude political illustrations. 

They only get a digital file and some vague rights to show the picture. Winkelmann, on the other hand, says that he will work with the buyer to come up with different ways to show the piece in person. 

A lot of people have already said they don’t like the rise of NFTs. There are a lot of works that aren’t very good at art being sold at auctions that are hyped up. Artists’ works are said to have been stolen and sold at auction as if they were real. People who make art are worried about how blockchain technology will affect the environment when people sell their work. In the future, Winkelmann said that he plans to buy carbon offsets for all of his NFTs. This will make sure that their impact is a good one.

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