Voyager Crypto Review

Voyager Crypto Review

Voyager Crypto’s review in full. 

Beginner cryptocurrency investors who want to trade a wide range of currencies but don’t want to deal with a lot of different exchange accounts may be able to use this cryptocurrency broker. 

This article explains all you need to know on Voyager Crypto Review.

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Pros: One account gives you access to many exchanges and 50+ digital assets. Commission-free trades are also available. You can earn up to 9% APY. There is a user-friendly mobile app, and your cash is FDIC-insured. 

There are no trades between coins. 

What else you could think about? 

if you live outside of the United States, BlockFi can connect you to a cryptocurrency exchange, interest-bearing accounts, and low-interest portfolio-backed loans. Users can use the platform from anywhere in the world, except for New York. 

If you want to keep track of your cryptocurrency and stock trading in one app, Robinhood’s software has been available since 2015, so you can do that. You can trade 17 different types of cryptocurrency for free with this app. Stocks, ETFs, and options can all be traded for free. 

A lot of great benefits. 

With one account, you can use different exchanges. 

There are over a dozen cryptocurrency exchanges that Voyager links to. As a broker, you can trade more than 50 different currencies. This means you won’t have to sign up for a lot of different exchanges or manage a lot of different accounts to have a wide range of crypto assets. To buy or sell currencies, you choose the currencies. You don’t get to choose which exchange the currencies come from, though. 

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It’s called Voyager, and you can use it to keep an eye on the performance of any assets you own as well as your whole portfolio at any time. 

Up to a 9% Annual Percentage Yield. 

If you keep enough money in your Voyager account, you can get interest on any of the 24 coins. Rates can change, but Voyager says stablecoins, like USDC, can earn up to 9% APY and Bitcoin can earn up to 6.25 % APY. 

Interest is calculated every day and added up every month. In order to earn interest for the month, your average monthly balance for a coin that is eligible must meet the required amount. Your account earns interest on all of the assets that qualify, even if you bought them on the Voyager platform or deposited them from a different account. 

People buy things automatically. 

Set up buys for different currencies on a regular basis to make your crypto investing work for you. Voyager buys the coin of your choice on the timetable you set up. You link an external bank account to pay for the purchases, just like with a typical investment account. It’s a good idea to put money in your Voyager account, where it can earn money. 

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What could be done better? 

There will be no trades between coins. 

For now, you can only trade coins for dollars. Voyager is working on making it possible to trade coins for coins. If you want to buy something on the app, you must first get cash from a bank account that isn’t on the app. You sell cryptocurrency through the app and the money is put in your Voyager account until you want to move it to another account. 

It takes a long time to get everything checked. 

In order to keep up with demand, new customers are put on a waiting list and given access to the platform on a rolling basis. It doesn’t say when your account will be approved, so you might have to wait a while before you can use the app to trade. 

Voyager’s job is to run. 

You can trade on more than a dozen of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges with Voyager, a broker that lets you trade on many of them. Because it isn’t a currency exchange in and of itself, Voyager Smart Order Router technology is used to let customers buy and sell currencies on many different exchanges at the same time. 

The site is open to people from any state in the United States, except New York. If you live outside of the United States, you can join a waiting list to be one of the first to use Voyager when it comes out in 2021. 

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There is an app for both iOS and Android called Voyager that you need to use. For crypto platforms in the United States, you have to set up an account and give personal information so that you can be identified (and most financial institutions). There are a lot of ways to fund your account once it has been approved by the bank. 

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