What DigiByte Is Used For

What DigiByte Is Used For

Buying power is lost every year. You can buy less with your fiat dollar. 

There are problems that established governments have caused us. DigiByte is the answer to those problems. 

This article explains What DigiByte Is Used For.

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what is a DigiByte? 

On January 10, 2014, DigiByte, a truly decentralized UTXO blockchain, was made public. There’s a blockchain called DigiByte that is the most decentralized Proof of Work blockchain in the world. Decentralization is when there isn’t a single person or group that can set the rules for things like network use, changes, charges and fees, fund locking, and transaction reversals. 

People can check the DigiByte blockchain because it is completely open source, released under the MIT license, and can see it for themselves. It is also impossible to change or delete. With no single governing body, DigiByte is truly permissionless. 

Digital Bite has a maximum supply of 21 billion DigiBytes, which will run out by 2035, when it is mined out of all of them. Since block 145,000 in September 2014, DigiByte has used five unique and independent algorithms in a “MultiAlgo” approach to mine new blocks and add new assets to the network. Most blockchains only use one mining algorithm to mine new blocks and add assets to the network. DigiByte has more hash power than any other blockchain in three of its five algorithms around the world. This makes the network more secure and stops “rented hash power” from trying to attack the blockchain. 

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In what way is DigiByte trying to help? 

DigiByte places a high value on scalability, security, and performance. It takes a lot of pride in being “faster, safer, and more forward-thinking,” and it likes that about itself. 


DigiByte has had to deal with problems that many other blockchains, like Bitcoin, won’t have to deal with until the next century because it has faster block times than any other UTXO blockchain to date (15 seconds). So, DigiBytes was the first major blockchain to use SegWit through a soft-fork consensus in 2017, long before Litecoin or Bitcoin did the same. 


DigiByte has been at the forefront of new ideas because of its DigiShield, which is a real-time difficulty adjustment mechanism that keeps block generation times the same even when the amount of mining power increases or decreases by a huge amount. DigiShield is used in a lot of important cryptocurrency and blockchain projects, like Ethereum, Dogecoin, ZCash, and many more. DigiShield was originally made for a single mining algorithm. Shortly after DigiByte switched to MultiAlgo, DigiShield was changed and made into MultiShield. Among other things, this ensures that the block times of different mining algorithms stay the same, and that there is an even distribution of block mining between algorithms. It also prevents mining domination when there is a lot of mining power coming in or going out. 

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Digi-ID is an authentication method that is fast and safe. It can be used to replace usernames, passwords, two-factor timed one-time passwords, swipe cards, and other methods. Traditional security systems have a lot of flaws and vulnerabilities, and Digi-ID authentication is meant to make sure that none of them happen. Changing SIM cards, making SMS authentication less safe, and phishing for rolling TOTP codes are all examples of this. Digi-ID can also be used for non-traditional authentication in games, apps for phones and computers, and building security. Your Digi-ID just gives you access to a single part of a website, building, product, or platform, so you don’t need to have multiple “accounts.” For personal and business transactions, the same Digi-ID can be used by the same person. Because Digi-ID doesn’t store or send any information over the blockchain, it’s completely anonymous, and no one can see your information. As a bonus, the DigiByte mobile apps don’t store any personal information or record any data. This makes it easy to follow GDPR rules. 

In the digital age, things are called assets. 

People can start making digital assets with the DigiAssets platform. They can then put them on the DigiByte blockchain. A lot of things that people own could be fungible or non-fungible. This means that they can be used for many different things. The DigiAsset node network isn’t controlled by anyone, and the software is open source, so it can be used by any company, coin, or group. 

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